Turn Mango Residue into Treasure

After mango processing, a large amount of residue is left, which is rich in nutrients and can be reused after processing to avoid waste of resources. In order to reuse mango pomace, it needs to be dried. Our mango dregs dryer is featured by small area, stable operation, and high quality.

pomace dryer

The mango residue dryer production line has good sealing performance, less exhaust gas is produced during the production of materials, and the pollution to the environment is small. A cost-effective heat source should be chosen for mango dregs dryer, and ensure that the waste meets the local environmental protection standards before discharging. It is recommended to choose a clean heat source, and the production line can also be equipped with dust removal equipment to further reduce environmental pollution.
The production process is basically fully automatic, without the need for too many operators. It is also necessary to adjust the temperature the dryer drum so that the mango dregs can be dried in good color and retain high nutritional value.

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