How to Deal with the Straw in Rural Areas?

Straw is a kind of waste produced in agricultural production, and how to deal with the straw is an important issue for environmental protection and resource utilization. The traditional treatment method is to burn it, however, this method has caused serious air pollution and affects people’s health and quality of life. Throwing away straw is also a waste of resources and increases the economic pressure on farmers. So, how should straw be treated?

straw dryer

Straw returning is now the main straw treatment method, which can effectively improve soil fertility, water and moisture conservation, and improve soil structure. In addition, straw returning can also reduce the degree of biodiversity destruction, and play a role in increasing production.
Straw is rich in cellulose and some proteins, which can be used as animal feed. After drying treatment by our crop straw dryer, it can be stored for a long time, which can reduce the cost of feed and reduce the economic burden on farmers.
The straw can also be fermented into organic fertilizer to improve the fertility of the field. Stacking straw for a period of time and decomposing it into organic fertilizer by microorganisms can not only save costs, but also enable crops to obtain a healthier growth environment.
Besides, the straw can be made into biomass fuel. After crushing, drying, briquetting or pelletizing, the straw is widely used for power generation, heating, and other aspects.

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