Animal Feed Dryer


The yeast dryer is a kind of dryer machine that uses steam to dry the material by indirect heating. With high heat utilization and low energy consumption.

Our brewery spent grain dryer can be used for drying vinasse, brewery dregs, brewery waste, beer distillers’ grains, etc. And it is also applicable for bean dregs, olive pomace, cassava residues.

The pomace dryer can quickly dry the wet fruit residues with a moisture of 80% to less than 13%. It is also applicable for apple pomace, pineapple residue, citrus residue, and other fruit residue.

The alfalfa dryer is suitable for elephant grass, alfalfa grass, timothy grass, leaf-eating grass, mulberry leaves, straw, and pitcher grass and other biomass fiber.

Our bean residue dryer is special designed according to the characteristics of bean dregs and market demand. Combined with high-efficiency pressure filtration and thermal drying, the rotary dryer can turn soybean residue into treasure.

Cassava residue can be used as livestock feed after drying. The cassava residue dryer can dehydrate all kinds of cassava dregs with moisture from 80% to less than 12%.

Vinasse or brewer’s spent grain (BSG) is the by-product in brewery. After processed by our rotary dryer, the vinasse can be used to make high-protein feed.

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