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The belt press dehydrator (also called belt press filter) is an industrial dewatering machine, mainly used for solid/liquid separation processes. Our belt press dehydrator is suitable for various kinds of brewers spent grain, coco peat, coconut fiber, cassava residues, bean dregs, fruit waste, potato sludge, kitchen waste, etc.

Features of Belt Press Dehydrator

1. The dehydration tray and feed hopper are made of stainless steel, strong corrosion resistance.
2. Continuous operation, the gravity dehydration part is long, and the reverse mechanism is adopted, which has good dehydration effect and greatly improves the process capacity.
3. The tension and moving speed of the filter belt can be adjusted freely.
4. The filter belt is equipped with automatic deviation correction device.

belt filter press application

Working Principle of Belt Filter Press

The material is transported to the hopper of the dehydrator through the conveyor, and is evenly spread on the filter belt through the screw distributor. With the operation of the belt filter press, the material limiting plate scrapes the height of the material layer to make the thickness of the materials completely uniform. Then, the upper and lower two completely tightened annular filter belts sandwich the material layer. Driven by the driving roller, the pair of rollers in the dehydration area are continuously mechanically squeezed for many times to press out a large amount of water.

belt-filter-press working principle

Working Video

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