How to Choose the Palm Slag Dryer?

Palm slag cannot be utilized due to its low added value. However, due to its excellent water retention and air permeability, it has gradually been applied in seedling cultivation. The palm slag needs to be dried to facilitate the storage and transportation due to its high water content. The traditional drying method is often affected by factors such as weather and environment, resulting in uncertain output, but these disadvantages can be avoided by palm dregs dryer, so how to choose a suitable palm dregs dryer?

palm slag dryer

Generally, our palm slag dryer is customized based on the shape, moisture content, thermal sensitivity of the material. The selection of drying equipment is mainly to ensure the quality. Although some drying equipment is economical and applicable, it has high labor intensity, discontinuous production, low equipment cost, high operating cost, which does not meet the equipment selection requirements.
The size of the equipment directly determines its production capacity. The larger the equipment, the higher the production capacity, but the higher the cost. The most important thing is to choose a suitable heat source that suits you: natural gas, biomass pellets, gasoline, coal, and other heat sources that are usually used for drying equipment. These requirements include equipment manufacturing, maintenance, operation and whether the size of the equipment is limited.

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