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Forage Dewatering Machine Introduction

The forage dewatering machine is a double screw continuous press. It is mainly used for the solid-liquid separation of the materials containing certain fibrous or viscous materials. After dehydration, the forage grass can directly enter the drying equipment, which greatly reduces the drying energy consumption. The grass dewatering machine is an essential equipment for forage before drying.

Advantages of Grass Dewatering Machine

* Compact structure, high efficiency, large capacity, wide application range.
* Single screw press and double screw press for your selection.
* The parts in contact with materials are made of high-quality acid-base resistant 304 stainless steel.
* The humidity of discharged slag can be controlled at any time according to requirements.

Forage Dewatering Machine Application

The grass dewatering machine is suitable for the dehydration of fibrous materials such as alfalfa, forage, domestic garbage, vegetable market garbage, kitchen garbage and herbal dregs. It is also applied for the juice extraction of fruits and vegetables with more fiber, such as grapes, seabuckthorn fruits, pomegranates, ginger and spinach.


Forage Dehydrator Main Structure

The forage dehydrator is composed of frame, transmission system, feeding part, juicing part, hydraulic system and shield, and electrical control part. The pressing screw rotates with the main shaft, and the material conveying screw is sleeved on the main shaft to rotate in reverse with the pressing screw.

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