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Vinasse Dryer Introduction

Vinasse or brewer’s spent grain (BSG) is the by-product of the beer production process. It contents a large amount of nutrients such as undecomposed crude protein, crude fiber, crude fat and other nutrients. The dried distiller’s grains are good raw materials for the animal feed production. Through pre-dehydration, the distiller’s grain dryer can dry wet waste grain from about 85% moisture content to finished products with a moisture content of about 10%.

Application of Vinasse dryer

Our vinasse dryer can be used for drying vinasse, brewery dregs, brewery waste, beer distillers’ grains, etc. It is also applicable for wood chips, sawdust, corn straw, soybean straw, cotton stalk, wheat straw, sorghum stalk, mulberry leaves and other biomass materials.

spent grain dryer flowchart

Advantage of Vinasse dryer

1.The main components of our rotary dryer are made of high-end materials, with reliable quality, and the service life is 3-5 times than that of ordinary dryers.
2. Equipped with a combined lifting device, the thermal efficiency is high, and the drying effect is good.
3. The dust removal device can completely avoid dust pollution during operation and meet the requirements of environmentally friendly production.
4. The flow rate of distiller’s grains is controlled by frequency conversion, which can easily control the final moisture according to the needs of users.
5. Equipped with a new type of energy-saving hot-blast stove, high efficiency and energy saving, heat controllable, reducing operating costs.

Product Parameter

SpecificationCapacity (T/D)Initial Moisture (%)Final Moisture (%)Total Power (kw)Floor Area (m2)

Working Video

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