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Biomass combustion furnace is a new type of efficient heat exchange equipment with green energy biomass pellets, sawdust, wood chips as fuel and air as medium. The temperature of the hot air can be adjusted according to the process needs, and the temperature stability of continuous heating air is maintained at ±5 ℃. The biomass burner is widely used in grain, feed, food, bio-energy, and chemical industry.

Features of Biomass Burner

1.Wide sources of fuel: agricultural and forest wastes can be used as raw materials, preferably biomass pellets.
2.High efficiency and energy-saving: low use cost and 30-60% lower operating cost than fuel oil (gas).
2. High thermal efficiency: the combustion rate is more than 90%.
3. Stable and reliable: micro positive pressure operation, no tempering and fire off.
4. Low carbon and environmental protection: low smoke, sulfur and nitrogen emissions, zero carbon dioxide emissions.
5. Simple operation: automatic feeding, simple operation, small workload.

Wide Application of Biomass Burner

The biomass burner is applicable to the supporting and energy-saving transformation of boilers, die-casting machines, industrial furnaces, drying equipment, and other heating equipment.


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