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Warm congratulations to Zhengzhou Dongding Machinery on the successful delivery of mineral rotary dryer plant. The complete drying production line is used for processing phosphate concentrate, with the output of 1.2 million ton annual.

This week, our company welcomed the customers from Malaysia, who who made a special trip to inspect and learn about our clay drying equipment.

Recently, an efficient corn straw dryer was successfully shipped. This corn straw dryer integrates advanced drying technology and intelligent control system.

Recently, we have welcomed the arrival of a group of Indonesian customers. This visit marks our continued focus and expansion on the Indonesian market.

Different types of sawdust dryers have different drying effects. The drying effect is not only related to the quality, type, configuration and model of equipment, but also affected by temperature, initial moisture content, air volume and other factors.

After mango processing, a large amount of residue is left, which is rich in nutrients and can be reused after processing to avoid waste of resources. In order to reuse mango pomace, it needs to be dried.

With the improvement of environmental protection awareness, the urban sewage treatment industry has been developing rapidly. The dried sludge can be applied in many fields.

Dongding’s triple pass totary drum dryer is perfect match for sawdust, energy saving and not easy to catch fire like single layer dryer.

FGD gypsum dryer is mainly designed according to the characteristics of desulfurization gypsum materials. This article analyzes and introduces the advantages of structural design of desulfurized gypsum dryer.

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