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Welcome to Zhengzhou Dongding Machinery, your trusted partner for advanced drying solutions. Our drying equipment is engineered for excellent efficiency and reliability, ensuring superior humidity control for a wide range of materials.


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Biomass dryer can quickly dry the wet material with a moisture of 80% to a dried product with moisture less than 12%. It is suitable for drying wood chips, wood sawdust, bagasse, crop straws and various biomass wastes, etc.

The animal feed dryer is suitable for drying high-humidity materials like distiller’s grains, cassava pulp, fruit waste, brewers yeast, kitchen waste, etc.

Industrial dryer is applicable for drying bentonite, clay, limestone, ore, sand, etc. It is widely used in mineral processing, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other industries.

Dewatering machine is widely used for the dehydration of high-humidity slag materials before drying, such as distiller’s grains, pomace, medicinal residue, cassava residue, etc. We have screw dehydrator and belt filter press for your choice.


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Mineral Dryer Plant Successfully Delivered to UZ

Warm congratulations to Zhengzhou Dongding Machinery on the successful delivery of mineral rotary dryer plant.

gypsum dryer application

Advantages of FGD Gypsum Dryer Structure Design

FGD gypsum dryer is mainly designed according to the characteristics of desulfurization gypsum. This article introduces the advantages of structural design of DGD gypsum dryer.

sludge dryer

What is the Application of Sludge after Drying?

With the improvement of environmental protection awareness, the urban sewage treatment industry has been developing rapidly. The dried sludge can be applied in many fields.


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