How to Maintain a Sludge Dryer

Sludge rotary dryer is a drying equipment specially developed and designed for activated sludge, sewage sludge, petrochemical sludge, urban sludge, etc. Wet sludge usually has the characteristics of high humidity and high viscosity. Therefore, in order to ensure the drying effect, the sludge dryer equipment needs to be maintained regularly.

sludge dryer

Sludge dryer
is large-scale mechanical equipment. Not only the residual sludge in the dryer equipment barrel shall be cleaned, but also the drum bearing, gear, base, conveyor belt and other easily worn parts shall be inspected and cleaned. Once damaged, it shall be repaired or replaced in time.
>Check whether the power supply and circuit of the motor have hidden dangers or faults, so as to solve and eliminate hidden dangers in time.
>For cleaning equipment, you need to check whether the lubricant is sufficient. Sufficient lubricating oil shall be injected into the heat shield, motor, gear, bearing and other components to effectively reduce the wear of equipment components and lower the temperature of the motor during the operation of the sludge dryer.
The sludge dryer machine has the characteristics of good drying effect, strong production capacity, high thermal efficiency and low operating energy consumption. Deeply loved by customers. If you need to buy industrial sludge dryer equipment, you can contact us for consultation or visit our factory.

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