What are the Advantages of Fruit Residue Dryer?

Wet fruit residue has high water content, which is easy to rot and pollute the environment after long-term stacking. At present, the pomace dryer is commonly used to process wet fruit residue. The dried fruit residue can be made into feed, which has high nutritional value. What are the advantages of fruit residue dryer?

pomace dryer

1. The cylinder wall of the dryer is made of heat-resistant and high-temperature resistant stainless steel, which is durable and has long service life. It can dry all kinds of material slag and has strong applicability.
2. The cylinder is equipped with dispersing device and feed conductor device. Under the action of the lifting plate, wet fruit residue is constantly dispersed and spiraled forward. After full mixing, the wet material in the cylinder section forms a uniform material screen, which not only solves the problem of wet adhesion, but also avoids the occurrence of excessive paste in fruit residue drying.
3. The fruit pomace dryer has small floor area, easy operation and fast drying speed. Customized drying solutions can meet various large and medium-sized drying projects.
4. Due to the large heating area and good drying effect, the saccharification and gelatinization of the fruit residue in the drying process can be avoided, which may results in the dark appearance of the material. Dried fruit residue has bright color, rich nutrition and greatly improved economic value.

fruit dregs

5. Environmental friendly and energy-saving. The drying line is equipped with applicable multistage dust removal systems. After being purified and dedusted, the dust particles meet the local environmental protection standards, and then discharged into the atmosphere to complete the whole drying process.
6. Adopt comprehensive automatic operation method. The fruit residue dryer effectively realizes the automatic operation of feeding, dispersion, drying, discharging, etc. which is not only convenient to operate, but also saves a lot of labor costs.

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