Zhengzhou Dongding Wishes You a Happy Mid Autumn Festival

The annual Mid Autumn Festival is coming, Zhengzhou Dongding Machinery wish our customers, partners and all colleagues a Happy Mid Autumn Festival, happiness and health!

We would like to extend our holiday greetings and high respect to all Dongding colleagues who are still working on the installation site, trusteeship site and production and manufacturing front line of rotary dryer projects during the festival. They carry the heavy trust of customers on their shoulders, shine silently in their own jobs, and ensure the overall progress of the drying project, and win the praise of customers with practical actions. They are the best. Dongding is brilliant because of them!

rotary dryer manufacturing site
rotary dryer projects

During the festival, Dongding also launched a series of promotional activities, bringing real benefits to customers. September and October are great opportunities to implement the dryer project. Are you ready?

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