How to Avoid Fast Heat Loss of Straw Dryer?

The straw drying equipment heats the wet fresh straw with high humidity and high viscosity through heat exchange and evaporates the water in the material. However, due to the influence of various factors, the heat loss during the operation of straw dryer can not be avoided. So how to avoid the fast heat loss of fresh straw dryer machine?

straw dryer

1. Strengthen thermal insulation of cylinder

In terms of thermal insulation performance, the length of the drying equipment is greatly shortened because of the adoption of rotary drum to dry materials. In the drying process, in addition to making full use of the heat energy emitted by the drum, it can also reduce heat loss and improve heat utilization.
2. Ensure full combustion of fuel
Heating equipment is an important part of the straw drying production line. The full combustion of fuel in the combustion furnace is the premise to ensure the full utilization of heat. According to the calorific value of different fuels, the operator needs to add fuel to the heating equipment scientifically and reasonably to avoid a large amount of heat loss.
3. Reduce the load of straw dryer
If the moisture content of the fresh straw is too high, we can use the straw dewatering machine for pre-dehydration to reduce part of the moisture content in the straw, thus reducing the load of the straw dryer. It can also greatly reduce the energy consumption and heat loss during the operation of the straw dryer equipment.
4. Prevent air leakage of the pipelines
The heat generated by fuel combustion enters the cylinder of straw dryer through the transmission pipeline. If the conveying pipeline leaks, a large amount of heat loss will be caused during the drying process, resulting in insufficient heat in the barrel. Therefore, daily equipment maintenance is an important measure to reduce the heat loss of straw dryer equipment.

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