How to Prolong the Service Life of Fruit Residue Dryer?

Fruit residue dryer is a common drying equipment in industrial production. When dehydrating and drying fruit dregs, we should not only properly operate the pomace dryer, but also properly maintain it, so as to prolong the service life of the pomace dryer. Then we will briefly introduce the maintenance methods of the special dryer for fruit dregs.

pomace dryer

1. After the pomace dryer has been running for a long time, check whether each roller seat is loose, whether there is debris between the nets, whether the position of the net is centered, whether the scraper is closed, whether the reducer is lubricated, whether the system pressure is adjusted, etc.
2. When the fruit dregs dryer is in use, pay attention to check the lubricating oil at each lubricating point to prevent the lubricating oil from being insufficient or polluted, which will lead to large friction resistance of parts during operation and affect the overall service life of the drying equipment.
3. For a new fruit residue dryer, the lubricating oil should be changed after 400-500 hours of continuous operation. When changing the oil, drain the old oil and clean the sediment. During the subsequent drying process, the oil shall be changed every 5000 hours of operation and the oil level shall be checked every two months. If the oil level is found to be low, it shall be supplemented in time.
4. For the idler and roller bearing of the pomace dryer, check the lubricating oil after the machine runs for about half a year, and add lithium base grease to full.
5. When the pomace dryer stops working every time, the fruit residue on the filter belt shall be washed to prevent the sludge from blocking and affect the use effect of the dryer. At the same time, timely clean the inside and outside of the drying equipment to prevent residual materials from rusting the dryer.

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