How to Choose the Heat Source of Bean Dregs Dryer?

Bean dregs drying equipment generally adopts rotary drum dryer. With the emphasis on energy conservation, emission reduction and green environmental protection, the selection of heat source is very important when using soybean residue dryer. Reasonable selection of heat source can not only ensure the drying effect of bean dregs, but also reduce the production and operation cost of user enterprises. So, how to choose the heat source of soybean residue dryer?

bean dregs dryer

1. The selected heat source needs to meet the drying requirements of bean dregs and sufficient heating temperature. The cleanliness of the heat source has a great influence on the drying quality of bean dregs.
2. In order to meet the use requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, it is necessary to ensure that the heat source has no odor and smoke emission in the combustion process. The heat source with smoke emission or excessive odor has been used carefully to prevent the heat source from causing harm to the atmosphere, operators and nearby residents.
3.  As the heat source of the bean dregs dryer needs to be used for a long time, when selecting the heat source, we should not only consider the fuel cost and operation cost, but also consider whether it is easy to obtain.
4. The heat source should be safe and reliable, which is very important for direct combustion heat source. The direct combustion heat source should ensure the stability of the fuel when it is used. Some dry materials are inflammable and explosive. It is better to choose indirect heat exchange device with flame retardant or anti-riot protection measures.

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