What Should be Pay Attention to During the Operation of Medicine Residue Dryer?

Drug Residue Dryer

The medicine residue dryer has been favored by many people in recent years, which can dry the drug residue materials containing moisture. The drug residue materials after drying are not only convenient for transportation, but also can be fully utilized again. So what are the precautions for the medicine residue dryer during operation?
1. Feed evenly.
When feeding the drug residue dryer, it needs to feed evenly, appropriately and at a uniform speed to ensure the drying effect and work quality of the drying equipment.
2. Adjust the equipment according to the actual situation and follow the principle of “step by step”.
If the drying effect of the drug residue dryer is found to be poor, it is necessary to find out the reasons for the poor drying effect of materials and what caused it. The equipment temperature, air volume, wind speed and other parameters cannot be adjusted at will, so as to avoid resource waste.
3. Ensure uniform and stable heating.
The drying process of the medicine slag dryer is mainly to dry the materials by heat transfer. Therefore, during the operation of the drying equipment, it is necessary to ensure sufficient heat source, on one hand, maintain the stability of the heat source, on the other hand, ensure the balance of the drying equipment to make the materials dry evenly.

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