How to Dry the Waste Grain into Animal Feed?

Wet distiller’s grains contain crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber and trace elements, which can be dried and processed into high-quality animal feed pellets.
Generally, animal feeds have requirements for ingredient content, such as crude fiber content not exceeding 16%, protein and fat content not less than 29%, and moisture content not exceeding 12%. However, the wet-process brewery spent grain has high water content and substandard nutrients (wet-process spent grains are about 5% crude protein, about 2% crude fat, about 3% crude fiber, and about 85% crude fiber, water and 0.5% ash). In addition, high moisture can affect the storage and transport properties of spent grains. The direct discharge of spent grains will not only waste resources, but also cause environmental pollution.

spent grain dryer

Our brewery spent grain production line can dehydrate and dry the wet distiller’s grains into dry distiller’s grains powder (dried spent grain powder test composition before pelletizing after drying is as follows: crude protein 27.5%; crude fat 8.9%; crude fiber 4.5%; moisture 9.5% ; ash 2.5%). Then, by adding some auxiliary materials, high-quality animal feed pellets are made to realize the efficient utilization of wet brewer’s grains.

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