Is the Screw Extrusion Dehydrator Necessary for Pomace Drying?

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The pomace dryer is an important equipment for drying fruit residues, peel and pit. A suitable pomace dryer can realize the rapid drying of fruit peel in fruit processing plant, and treat the fruit residue that is difficult to use and transport into animal feed with good palatability. However, when the fruit residue is dried in the pomace dryer, it is often dehydrated with a screw press before drying. Why do you choose screw extrusion dehydration? Is it necessary?
The answer is necessary. During the processing of pomace, the water content of fruit residue before treatment is often very high. If it is dried directly, it will not only be difficult to achieve the required moisture, but also lead to excessive heat source consumption of the dryer, resulting in higher cost in the later stage. 
The screw extrusion dehydrator is a device designed for waste residue materials, which can process a variety of slag materials, such as fruit residue, medicinal slag, bean dregs, etc. It has a wide range of applications, and the dehydration capacity of the screw press is very strong. It can quickly dehydrate the materials with the original moisture content of more than 80% to about 60%, saving the cost for the subsequent drying.

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