What are the Advantages of Three Layer Sawdust Dryer?

three layer rotary dryer
When drying wood materials, we usually choose a sawdust dryer. When choosing a dryer, we generally choose a three layer rotary dryer. What’s the reason? What are the advantages of three cylinder rotary dryer?

Due to the low viscosity of wood sawdust, it is not easy to bond the drying equipment, and the internal space of the three-cylinder dryer is small, which can effectively avoid the problem of blockage when drying wood chips. 
In addition to the good drying effect, the three-cylinder sawdust dryer is equipped with a dispersing device in the drum, which can disperse the adhering sawdust materials and increase the contact area between the materials and the high-temperature hot air, so as to reduce sawdust drying time, increase the work efficiency.
The triple pass sawdust dryer has the advantages of simple and convenient structure design, high degree of automation, easy operation, small floor area, energy saving and environmental protection. The three cylinder sawdust drying line has good sealing performance and less dust overflow. At the same time, it is equipped with dust removal equipment, which causes less pollution to the environment.

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