How to Store the Straw Better with Straw Dryer?

Straw recycling has good environmental and economic benefits, and the straw can be used as raw materials for paper making, biomass fuel, livestock feed, artificial board, etc. However, crop straw has a certain moisture content in the season, which is difficult to store. Its long-term accumulation will affect its quality and market price. How to solve this problem?

straw dryer

The first step of straw storage is drying, so straw dryer is essential. The moisture content of dried straw is about 12%, which is convenient for long-term storage. According to the specific straw processing technology, we can customize different drying solutions. For straw biomass fuel, direct high-temperature drying can significantly reduce the moisture content, while the straw feed production requires higher palatability of straw.
We have single drum rotary dryer and triple pass rotary dryer for your selection, which are different in material travel, floor area and processing capacity. Heat exchange is the most critical step in straw drying, which requires many factors such as material curtain, hot air volume, wind speed, temperature, internal layout of drying area, equipment throughput, etc. to improve heat utilization and ensure drying quality.

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