How to Choose the Coal Slime Dryer?

Slime is the waste of coal washing, and its value is quite low. Because the ash and moisture in the slime are relatively high, which will affect the calorific value. The value of the coal slime can be improved by removing the moisture. The coal slime dryer is usually used to remove water from the slime. Therefore,it is extremely important to select a suitable slime dryer.

slime dryer

There are new and traditional slime drying technologies. Now some users use steam drying to evaporate the water in coal slime. Steam can be generated by steam boiler, and it can also be the waste heat of power plant steam. As long as the temperature reaches a certain level, steam drying will not produce other waste gases, and the amount of dust generated is also very small. After drying, the discharge can meet the environmental requirements even without dust removal equipment. If the steam waste heat of power plants is used, the cost is very low, sometimes even no cost.
Although the cost of steam drying technology is low for environmental protection, the output of slime dryer is relatively low because the steam temperature itself is not high. If there are very strict requirements for output, ordinary slime drying technology can be selected.

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