How to Maintain the Forage Dryer?

As a large-scale mechanical equipment, the forage dryer needs long-term stable operation, so it is necessary to reduce the failure rate in daily use. Operators should pay attention to daily operation to extend the service life of the drying equipment.

forage dryer

Before the official operation of the pasture dryer, it is necessary to conduct equipment testing and adjust the equipment under the guidance of professional personnel. If there is no problem with the drying equipment, normal production can be carried out.
If the hay dryer is blocked by materials during the production process, the operator should shut down the equipment according to the correct operation process, and at the same time clean the equipment to prevent the equipment from rusting.
Before the normal operation of the forage dryer, the operator must not leave the work position, and the equipment must maintain stable operation, and observe the operation of the equipment at all times.
The pasture dryer should be maintained by professional operators, which can reduce the failure rate of the equipment, increase the service life, and fully utilize the performance of the equipment, so as to bring more benefits to the enterprise.

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