How to Ensure the Drying Effect of Sawdust Dryer?

Different types of sawdust dryers have different drying effects. The drying effect is not only related to the quality, type, configuration and model of equipment, but also affected by temperature, initial moisture content, air volume and other factors. In addition, the drying effect of the sawdust dryer is also related to the operating mode of the operator.

sawdust dryer

Raw Material Moisture
If the sawdust is high in moisture content, the viscosity will be large and more heat energy and longer drying time are required when drying. During the drying process, problems such as sticking and blockage of the feeding port are easy to occur, which leads to poor drying effect of materials. Therefore, if the moisture content of sawdust is too high, do not dry it directly. Mechanical dewatering equipment can be used for pre dehydration to reduce part of the moisture, and then send the sawdust dryer for drying.
Control Device Parameters
The parameters such as temperature, air volume and speed are the important factors affecting the drying effect of the sawdust dryer. If the temperature in the cylinder is too low or too high, the drying quality of finished materials will also be affected. The air volume determines the heat in the cylinder and directly affects the drying effect of the drying equipment. In the daily drying operation, the operator must correctly operate the sawdust dryer and reasonably control the equipment parameters, which is the important prerequisite to ensure the drying effect of the sawdust dryer.
Thermal Insulation and Sealing Performance
After installation, it is necessary to check whether the connections of each equipment are sealed firmly. Unsealed parts shall be handled in time to avoid air leakage during drying that may affect the drying effect. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the insulation performance of the equipment. If the insulation effect of the sawdust dryer is too poor, it will cause a large amount of heat loss in the drying process, which will not only lead to insufficient cylinder temperature and uneven material drying, but also increase fuel consumption and increase the operating cost of the sawdust dryer. Moreover, the poor heat preservation results in the heat being discharged from the cylinder wall, which is very hot and has the danger of scalding. Therefore, in order to ensure the drying effect of the sawdust dryer, the thermal insulation performance of the dryer cylinder must be strengthened.

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