Advantages of FGD Gypsum Dryer Structure Design

FGD gypsum dryer is mainly designed according to the characteristics of desulfurization gypsum materials. With the maturity of manufacturing technology, the structure design of desulfurization gypsum dryer has also been further improved. What are the structural design advantages of desulfurization gypsum dryer?


There are three major advantages of the structure design of the desulfurized gypsum dryer.
1. Efficient operation. Desulfurized gypsum dryer is mainly designed for the characteristics of desulfurized gypsum. The material has the characteristics of high moisture, high viscosity, high water holding capacity and low calorific value. The drying equipment can not only make full use of the calorific value for efficient operation, but also improve the drying effect of materials.
2. High degree of automation. With a high degree of automation design, the operation is more simple and convenient. 3 – 5 people in the whole production line can complete the operation of the drying equipment, saving labor and labor.
3. Environmental friendly. In addition to selecting clean fuel for the heat source, the desulfurization gypsum dryer is also equipped with dust removal equipment in the drying production line, which further reduces the environmental pollution and has more prominent advantages in environmental protection.

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