How to Control the Temperature during the Operation of Sludge Dryer

sludge dryer

Sludge dryer is mainly used for drying sludge materials. It usually uses heat transfer to dry materials. The moisture of sludge materials is greatly reduced through the contact between materials and high-temperature hot air. Therefore, it is necessary to control the temperature in the process of drying materials by sludge dryer. So what should be paid attention to in temperature control during the operation of sludge dryer?
1. Pay attention to the choice of fuel.
The convenience of fuel procurement is the first thing to be considered when choosing the fuel of sludge dryer. Try to adjust measures to local conditions to ensure sufficient fuel supply in the normal production process. According to the requirements of users, professional technicians carry out fuel matching, which not only ensures the stability of cylinder temperature, but also reduces the cost consumption as much as possible.
2. Record and analyze the temperature change in time during the drying process.
Technicians can detect the temperature change inside the sludge dryer by installing a temperature control device on the sludge dryer. The operator of the rotary dryer needs to record the temperature in the drying process and flexibly adjust the corresponding equipment parameters by analyzing the temperature changes.
3. Reasonably control various parameters of the equipment.
In addition to directly adding fuel to control the cylinder temperature, the purpose of changing the cylinder temperature can also be achieved by reasonably regulating the air volume and wind direction of the sludge dryer. The greater the ventilation, the faster the hot air flow in the corresponding cylinder and the higher the temperature.

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