What is the Application of Dried Sweet Potato Residue?

Every year a large amount of sweet potato is processed into noodles or dried sweet potatoes, and the remaining sweet potato residue is mostly buried, not only polluting the environment but also wasting resources. In fact, sweet potato residue is rich in nutrients, but it is not easy to preserve. A dryer can effectively solve this problem. So what can the dried sweet potato residue be used for?

1. Feed
Sweet potato residue has high nutritional value, with crude protein, crude fat and crude fiber all exceeding 20%. Therefore, sweet potato residue is often used to make feed for cattle, sheep, pigs and other animals.
2. Organic Fertilizer
Sweet potato residue is rich in small molecular organic acids. It can increase soil acidity, improve soil fertility, and promote plant growth.
3. Paper Making
Sweet potato residue can also be used in industrial sectors such as papermaking, cosmetics, food and medicine.
4. Biomass Fuel:
After drying, it can also be made into pellets for biomass fuel.

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