What is the Advantage of Lignite Dryer?

Lignite dryer can dry the lignite by selecting natural gas, biomass pellets, coal and other fuels as heat source. What are the advantages and characteristics of lignite slurry dryer as a common equipment in coal industry?

lignite dryer

The lignite dryer adopts the drum structure, which covers a small area and can flexibly adjust the equipment parameters to effectively control the drying effect of the drying equipment. Therefore, the coal slurry can be dried quickly and meet the drying requirements of the finished products.
The whole set of lignite slime dryer production line has reasonable structure, simple operation, stable performance, continuous production, small equipment failure and low maintenance cost.

The lignite dryer adopts automatic production mode, which can realize the automatic production of heating, drying and discharging. The drying operation of the whole production line requires less labor, which can effectively control the labor cost.
The coal slurry dryer has a good sealing system and thermal insulation device. And the installation of thermal insulation layer effectively reduces the heat loss during the operation of the drying equipment, thus reducing energy consumption and costs. At the same time, it ensures that there is no dust overflow during the operation of the equipment and the operating environment is good.

The lignite dryer can also be equipped with exhaust gas treatment device, and the discharged exhaust gas is purified and sent to the dust collector, which meets the local environmental protection standard and is highly environmentally friendly.

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