How to reduce energy consumption of pomace dryer?

With the development of the fruit processing industry, a large amount of fruit residue has emerged. The fruit residue has a high water content and is prone to spoilage. The pomace dryer can quickly dry the fruit residue, making it convenient for transportation and processing. How can we reduce the energy consumption of pomace dryer?

pomace dryer

1. Good sealing performance
Pomace dryer should strive for excellence in equipment selection. Good drying materials can ensure better precision and sealing of the equipment, more complete combustion of the heat source, and effective reduction of energy consumption.
2. Reasonably control the temperature
Low temperature can cause the material to turn red and not dry, while high temperature can increase energy consumption and even cause burning. Therefore, the temperature should be set reasonably based on the properties of the fruit residue. Reduce energy consumption through reasonable temperature control.
3. Reasonable drying time
The drying time of fruit residue should be flexibly adjusted according to the actual needs of the materials to avoid energy waste caused by excessive drying time. It is also one of the ways to reduce energy consumption.
4. Regular maintenance and upkeep
Regular maintenance and upkeep of the pomace dryer can not only extend the service life of the equipment, but also stabilize its operating status.

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