How to Maintain the Mineral Dryer?

Wet mineral material cannot be used better due to its high viscosity and easy caking characteristics. The rotary mineral dryer is a drying equipment with simple structure, which makes the drying effect of minerals significant and has been well utilized. Therefore, the mineral dryer has been favored by the mining industry, and it has increased the utilization rate. So when using the mineral dryer, how to maintain it to prolong the service life?

mineral dryer

When the mineral dryer works, the wet minerals pass through the drum so that it is dried by direct or indirect contact with the heat source during the movement. In order to extend the service life of the drying equipment, regular maintenance must be carried out. Regularly add lubricating oil to reduce the wear and tear of the drying equipment. During daily use, it is easy to generate heat from the motor. To avoid this phenomenon, it is necessary to use cooling water to maintain the heat dissipation of the equipment, and it is also important to pay attention to thermal insulation. The loss of heat energy must be reduced as much as possible to improve the efficiency of equipment.
Therefore, the proper operation of the mineral dryer is also the key to prolonging the service life. The operator must pay attention to standardizing the operation of the drying equipment to avoid adverse effects of incorrect operation on the use of the equipment.

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