How to Maintain the Coal Slime Dryer?

Only after the running-in period can the slime dryer ensure more stable operation and fewer failures and meet the production needs of customers. So how to maintain the slime dryer, avoid mechanical failures and extend its service life?
coal slime dryer
Since the coal slurry contains a large amount of corrosive substances, the coal slurry dryer should be cleaned well before and after use to ensure that there are no impurities or dust attached to the dryer surface and no material residue in the drum.
The coal slurry dryer is a long-term production equipment with large friction loss, so lubricating oil should be added to the connection of parts regularly during production, and the wear of parts should be observed and recorded. Operators should be trained in operation, maintenance, daily maintenance and other professional skills, operate according to the correct steps, and adjust the equipment according to actual production needs.

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