How to Improve the Drying Efficiency of Straw Dryer?

Straw dryer is developed for the reuse of crop stalk. Improving the drying efficiency of straw dryer is to improve the output of straw treatment, so as to improve the economic benefits of enterprises. So, how to improve the drying efficiency of straw drying machine?

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1. If the moisture content of straw before drying is too high, it needs to consume a lot of heat during drying, and extend the drying time. Therefore, the straw with high moisture content needs to be dehydrated through the dewatering machine to remove part of the moisture in the straw, and then dried, which can not only reduce the heat consumption, but also improve the drying efficiency.
2. The high temperature in the drum and large air volume can directly improve the drying efficiency and shorten the drying time. However, due to the different characteristics of straw, if the temperature is too high, it will change the characteristics of some straw and affect the quality of finished products. Therefore, the temperature and air volume should be adjusted reasonably according to the characteristics of straw.
3. Special dispersing device is adopted in the cylinder of the straw drying equipment, the straw can be quickly broken and separated, and the contact between the straw and hot air can be accelerated, which can not only improve the utilization rate of heat energy, but also improve the drying efficiency, so as to avoid the adhesion and ensure the quality of the finished straw after drying.

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4. The straw dryer machine adopts sealing device, which operates under negative pressure and has good sealing performance. It can not only ensure the full utilization of heat, but also improve the straw drying efficiency. In addition, the good sealing of the straw dryer can also reduce the overflow of flue gas and dust in the cylinder and ensure the cleanness and tidiness of the production environment.

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