How to Dry High Humidity Materials with Yeast Dryer

Yeast dryer plays an important role in drying high humidity materials. Compared with other drying equipment, what are the advantages of automatic yeast dryer, and how does the brewer yeast dryer achieve the drying effect of high-humidity materials?

yeast dryer

When the brewer yeast enters the inner layer of the dryer from the feeding system, the spiral heat exchange is carried out under the continuous action of the feeding plate. The material gradually moves to the other end of the inner layer and falls into the middle layer under the downstream drying mode.
High humidity materials are dried by counter current in the drum dryer. In the drying process, the high humidity material can fully absorb the heat in the drum, and extend the drying time of the material to achieve a good drying state.
With the continuous advancement of the material, it reaches the other end of the middle layer and falls into the outer cylinder. The high humidity materials travel in the outer cylinder in a rectangular multi loop manner, and the dried materials discharge outside under the action of hot air. However, the wet materials cannot discharge due to their own weight, and the materials are fully dried in the lifting plate, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.
Compared with the traditional single cylinder drying equipment, the automatic yeast dryer is more scientific, reasonable, efficient and energy-saving. At the same time, the automatic yeast dryer adopts a cylinder, which greatly reduces the probability of heat loss through the cylinder, effectively ensures the good utilization of heat energy, and greatly promotes energy-saving production. 

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