How to Choose a Cow Dung Drying Machine?

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s economic level and the demand for nutrition, milk has become necessary for many people, which has promoted the large-scale breeding of dairy cows. However, with the large-scale breeding of dairy cows, the treatment of cow dung is becoming a problem worthy of attention. In the past, the cow dung was usually dried by the sun, which obviously cannot be applied for large-scale processing. So is there a way to process cow dung on a large scale?

cow dung dryer

The cow dung drying machine is special designed for cow manure dewatering and drying. More and more farmers and cow breeding companies begin to abandon the traditional solution of cow dung treatment and choose cow dung drying machine instead. Compared with traditional treatment solutions, the price of cow dung dryer machine is higher, but it is still favored by many customers.
The drying capacity of the cow dung dryer is very considerable. The daily drying capacity can reach dozens or even hundreds of tons. The high moisture cow dung can be dehydrated and dried quickly, which is very in line with the needs of the current large-scale dairy farming industry.
Equipped with an internal lifting board, the cow manure dryer adopts high-temperature drying. The dried cow dung has uniform moisture content and small particles. The high temperature environment removes a large number of bacteria, viruses, insect eggs and other harmful substances remaining in the cow dung. It can be directly used as the bedding material for dairy cows, which can meet the hygienic standards in terms of safety and hygiene.

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